• 2022

  • Sydney

  • Gallery


A immersive installation creating a 360 type installation at Carriageworks Sydney, as part of Semi Permanent, 2022.

ALNF's mission is to bring literacy and learning to Australia's most marginalised people - particularly indigenous communities and refugees. The idea behind the piece is to provoke, but in a positive way.Let's just say the work is pretty intense, we wanted it to be that way. It's a powerful cause so the animation needed to reflect that.We wanted it to literally jump out at you and wrap around you so you can really feel and digest the meaning of the words - we wanted people to reflect on what literacy means to them, and how they might take it for granted.The creative process was quite long and had different stages, we worked with a team around the world to bring it to life and get it all working for the installation. I wanted to room to feel so consuming and so full of colour and energy and positivity. I hope that's what people take away from it, I hope they pay attention to the message and the important work ALNF does, and even consider becoming a donor or volunteer.

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