Alone Together - Dazed

I was asked by Dazed to create a poster in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic as part of their Alone Together campaign.

We’re living through unprecedented times – the current, very unusual alteration to the way we live life right now calls for solidarity, togetherness, and communication. So on Dazed, we’ve created the #AloneTogether community. Across the days, weeks, or months of the coronavirus pandemic and concurrent isolation measures, we’re connecting with our audience to offer URL experiences, art, and advice made with you and talent from across music, fashion, art, tech, and politics. We may be alone, but we are together.

33 artists have contributed work to this project that’s being launched as part of Dazed’s #AloneTogether campaign, including Wolfgang Tillmans, Vivienne Westwood, 3D, Katharine Hamnett, Samuel Ross, Jefferson Hack, and Polly Nor. The result is a heady mix of wonderful design and thought, with each artist approaching the project in their own way – with the imaginations ranging from the future of the press, to personal growth, friendship, and consumption. Each artist was given a rough brief, including slogans to be treated as guidelines rather than commands, each responded in their own way. The title of Spiritualized’s 1997 album Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space has been on my mind recently – the message seems timely, a reminder of how small we are and how big everything else is.

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