Poster I designed in response to Stay Sane Stay Safe by signed Studio Lennarts & De Bruijn which was featured on It’s Nice That.

We also did a 3 colour scren print with my friends in Utrech, Kapitaal print studio printed these guys to be distributed to hospitals around The Netherlands. The poster has also been included in an exhibtion at the V&A Museum Dundee, as part of their 2020/21 ‘Now Accepting Contacless show.

‘It all started with a question of our friend, who works at a hospital, to design an uplifting poster for his colleagues. One shower thought and phone call later we decided this project could and should be bigger. Stay Sane, Stay Safe saw the light of day. That very same day a fully functioning platform was up as a positive response to the Corona-crisis. A website with more than 1500 free downloadable posters submitted by people from over 80 countries around the world, to support our lifesavers and inspire home-stayers during the crisis.’ - Studio Lennarts & De Bruijn

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