KAS x NBA Sydney Exhbition

I was commissioned by the NBA to make a piece of work for their Art Gallery in Sydney. Honoured to have worked with an image of Patty Mills @balapat ! I made this paste up collage, inspired by street posters and framed in a giant shinny chrome frame. On display now at Eddy in Sydney ! 

Kris Andrew Small works with the legacy of twentieth-century print culture, parsing its visual and typographical elements in an exuberant intermedia practice. Small locates this practice at the intersection of the purely “visual” and the material, exploring how digital modes of design can shape and be shaped by the physical objects through which they meet the world.

In RUN, JUMP, RUN, Small has manually collaged together several iterations of a digitally designed poster depicting Patty Mills alongside the text RUN JUMP RUN. This work is built on the endless repeatability that print technology brought about for artists wanting to disseminate their work widely through urban environments, particularly during and after the Cold War with the advent of the photocopier. It is one poster made from many posters, with its visible torn edges and layering emphasising the singular handmade-ness of the work.

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