Today at Apple x It s Nice That New World Creative Guide

As part of New World, we’ve worked with five artists, designers and photographers on a series of Creative Guides, designed to teach you tangible skills in an engaging and hands-on way. In these Guides, you’ll have the chance to follow along the stages of a project step-by-step. Whether you’re interested in learning more about poster design, how to create imagery in AR or the process of composing portrait photography, at the end of each Guide, you’ll have completed a full project and will have new skills to take into your own creative practice.

Kris Andrew Small is an artist and designer based in Sydney. His work often takes on societal issues, channelling them through loud, abstract visuals, typography, texture and collaged pieces that exude movement and colour. In the past, Kris has created work for a range of clients including Nike, Adidas, Adobe, Dazed, and Channel 4, and has exhibited his work around the world. “I always see my work as a way for me to process my ideas on the planet and to use it as a vehicle to express my views,” he explains. “I focus very heavily on equality for the LGBTQIA+ community but in general will always stand for equality for all in everything I do.”

The next speaker from our New World line-up to deliver a Creative Guide, Kris will be taking you through the process of collaging a self portrait by combining abstract pattern, photography and hand-drawn typography; signatures of his practice. The brief? To explore and represent your identity in the New World through this collage. In total, there are seven steps in the process:

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