Welcome Blanket

Graphic Arts Centre in Protland, OR partnered with 8 artists from around the world to create a series of custom woven blankets featuring artwork based on the theme of ALL ARE WELCOME : ONE HUMANITY. For every blanket purchased, 3 are donated to IRCO to use as a gift of welcome to immigrants and refugees when first arriving in Portland. These blankets provide hope, encouragement, and a sense of equality and belonging to our new neighbors. The artwork for these blankets has come from both near and far to represent the beauty and richness we gain by living in community and learning from people of all different backgrounds, customs and cultures.

Artist Statement:
I often use the word HUMAN in my work as I just feel like people are quiet desensitised now and tend to not see the human or emotional side of people. Labels and stereotypes have become so intensified which seems ironic as the world becomes more global and connected, yet we seem to want to separate ourselves even more. No matter your race, gender or sexuality you see, you smell, you taste, you feel emotion… that makes you human, that gives you the right to be treated as an equal and for no other human to be better, worse or to decide the manner in which you should be treated.

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